Our first day in Broadstairs.

imageToday was our first full day in Broadstairs. Everyone got to school  safely. No one got lost! At 9 o’clock we had our first lesson with a native speaker. The teachers are nice and they speak slowly. For lunch we had a burger with fries and salad. In the afternoon we had a quiz about Broadstairs. We had to look for the answers all around the town. We got very competitive, we all wanted to finish first! We had to speak English to find some answers. It was scary in the beginning but later on it got fun! We can’t wait for tomorrow! We’re going to Canterbury!

Agata Staszak

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2 Thoughts to “Our first day in Broadstairs.”

  1. Charlotte

    So nice to read about the Broadstairs trip two years after .. 😀
    Enjoy it as much as you can guys!

    Kisses to the lovely teachers too ! :*

  2. Mme Cloespin

    Thank you for this nice report! Seems like it’s sunny! I hope it goes on like this.
    ENJOY (and write again)!

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