Day-2 Trip to Canterbury

11040283_659701420826145_183550402_nOn Tuesday March 3rd,we went to Canterbury.

We all met at 07:40 in the morning so we can take the train to Canterbury.

The ride wasn’t that long there’s only two stops between Broadstairs and Canterbury.

Once we got there we visited the town with our tour guide her name was Kirsty she was really nice,she gave us  a lot of information about Canterbury.

She showed us the entrance that was here since Middle Age,she also told us that there used to be a prison near by.

We saw the Canterbury Castle but for some reason it was closed so we couldn’t go inside. But Kirsty told us that it was empty.11050922_659701290826158_197968029_n

Around 09:45 we walked to the back at the Cathedral then at 10 am we had a long break. Some of us went shopping and bought some souvenirs for our family,others went to Primark. But most of us went to KFC and ate lots of chicken.

We left Canterbury at 12:00.

When we arrived at school the Italian students where already here,some of us were mad because they took all the wifi. But then they left so we had the school for ourselves.

Class started at 2.00 pm we had another break at 3.00pm.

Now its 5.00pm we are going back to our host families,we are having drama.

So see you tomorrow,bye

Daisy Gihozo



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2 Thoughts to “Day-2 Trip to Canterbury”

  1. Mme Cloespin

    Not to forget Primark!
    Is it allowed to advertise on this website ;-)??
    Thank you Daisy for sharing all this!
    I hope London was fun.

  2. P. Nootens

    Each school trip is the same story. KFC or the quest of the Holy Grail 🙂 Enjoy your stay!

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