Bientôt Broadstairs: England Here we Come!!

Le grand voyage des 5èmes à Broadstairs se rapproche à grand pas ! Pour rappel : Une semaine en immersion linguistique au mois de mai dans une petite station balnéaire du Kent, Broadstairs. Au menu : cours de langue interactifs à la Kent School, logement en famille, visite de Londres et Canterbury, plage…

Voici un petit aperçu du voyage 2008 pour vous mettre l’eau à la bouche… Ce sont des commentaires et photos tirés ‘plic ploc’ des blogs faits l’année passée par les élèves de 5ème.

Laurent Belloso (5T4) découvre sa famille d’accueil : 1761509810_small

“This is the house where I spent the whole week in Broadstairs.It was a huge house and its atmosphere was warmful and very cordial.When I arrived the first evening, I was a little nervous just thinking of living with a family I didn’t know”.

Monday, 5/05/2008

Maureen Back (5T2) évoque les cours :

This is the famous SCHOOL OF ENGLISH!
We have learned so many things in this school! And thanks to it, we could meet nice people from other countries! It was a really exciting experience! In the morning, I was feeling a little bit anxious because I thought that I was going to be alone in my class but there was Ivana with me so it’s was cool! We did a test to see in which group we had to be into! I found the test quite easy! =)

Ivana Balazova, nous en parle aussi :

“There you can see us in the Kent school room 52. We needed to make a survey. I was with Joanna and we make a survey about Music. So we discovered that people from Broadstairs are very nice. I think it’s a very good activity to get known with the place.”

Cheng Cheng a vécu des instants magiques dans sa famille d’accueil

The host family

at 11 o clock we were at home
there was a family party in the living room
Ken and me played guitar
Ken is a new friend we met in the family.
He come from Tailand
He plays very good blues

fancy a pint

after the disco
we were going to the pub with the family
there is a beer I really like
it is a beer made of apples
we have a nice chat with the other people in the pub ..

Najem El Rass (5T4) nous parle du bonheur de suivre des cours ‘les pieds dans l’eau’ ou presque !

Monday.Tanning after studying

“Ah that’s just

wonderful ! We had course in the morning and then we had a 2 hours break for the midday.
It’s just amazing how people can appreciate school when it’s near an entertaining place like a beach!
It must have been the place were we wanted to spend the most of our time after London! By the way, it’s a really calm and clean beach where it is fun to meet people :).

Mikel Fernandez a été très impressionné par la comédie musicale ” We Will Rock You!” à Londres :We Will Rock You!

“The Dominion theatre is the place where “We Will Rock you”, a musical based on the songs of Queen, is performed every evening since the 14th may of 2002.
I personally enjoyed the musical very much and I found it as the most interesting and exciting activity of the whole trip.”

Le BARN DANCE (danses folkloriques) vu par Maureen Back:

Wednesday, 7/05/2008

The barn dance! We were dancing all around the room! Everybody was dancing, smiling and laughing! 😀
You can see on the picture the circle with Aurélie, Ina, Esti and me! We can clearly see Ina and Esti but not very well Aurélie and me! Good memories… =)

Un dernier instant de bonheur capturé par Corentin Legrand:

It’s the end of this superb week which was rich in emotions.
Najem, Daniel, Corentin and me were saying goodbye.
We were with very welcoming families and in a very charming city.
We wanted only one thing and it was to be back there.

Bye Bye BroadstairsBye Bye Broadstairs

Le mot de la fin par Sara Garcia (5T) :

Above all, I wanted to say that I spent a wonderful week with you.
I know that everyone says the same thing, but I’m honest.
Before leaving Brussels, I didn’t expect it at all, I was afraid of many things and I asked myself lots of questions. Over time, I felt better in broadstairs, and I had an only desire :: to stay there for some more time.
Thanks to all those who I met by chance, and now they are indispensable for me. There were people I had never seen in my life, and now I see them often. People that I didn’t like, or that I didn’t know at all, and now I really admire them.
I would also thank our teachers for being so cool with us during this week and for letting us know them a little more.
I admit that there were some things I would have changed, like my host family because I wasn’t really happy with the house, food and family. I would also like to be able to stay out a little bit longer in the evenings.


I wanted especially to thank my companion, Marina. These evenings at home, upset because of our room and our family, would never have been so fun with someone else. Thanks to her, I’ll never forget this trip.
I’m proud to be part of this group of 5th, which was for the first time in England in a host family, representing Jean 23.

A bientôt pour de nouveaux souvenirs « made in 5T 2009” !

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